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The Living Rainforest Trip

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Dear Diary,

Thursday 12th November 2015

I arrived at school at 8:45 and I boarded the coach at 9:15. I sat next to Rose Chesterfield and we played card games: Uno, old maid and story cubes.

I arrived at the Living Rainforest at about 10:30. Then a lovely lady from the Living Rainforest told us all of the rules. Next I went into The Living Rainforest with my group. The group leader said “It is very hot in here.” Emily took pictures and talked about the plants and animals in the Living Rainforest.

At 11:30 we were told to go back out of the Living Rainforest for our tour guide. When we got back to the human impact area. When we got our tour and we went back into The Living Rainforest. The lady told us about all kinds of plants. One of the plants was a banana plant. She told us about the adaptions of the banana plant and its adaptions are: the stalk is wider so it can let water down and use it like guttering. Our tour guide also told us about a Carrasow. A Carrasow is a bit like a big black bird with curly hair on the top of his head. At 12:30 the tour was over. We washed our hands and had lunch. We also played in the play park for 10 minutes. Then we went back to into the living Rainforest. We looked round again and then we went back onto the coach and It was a long journey home. When we got back I went home with my dad and told him all about it.


by Flora   

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