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The Living Rainforest

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Dear diary,       

Today is the 12th of November 2015 and we have just arrived back from our trip to The Living Rainforest. We learned about life in the rainforest and how all wildlife adapts to these conditions.

We set off at about 9:30 and the journey took maybe, say and hour and 10 minutes? I know that may sound really long but we passed the time well. We finally arrived at 10:40am and got into our groups in the human-impact area. We first had free time where in our groups we got to lightly scan the site and look at all the animals we were later going to learn about in more detail.

The tour had started. We were paired up with another group and the tour guide set off. She talked about how the Poison-Dart-Frog gets its venom from other predators and that it carries its young on its back. She then went on to say that Toucans of different genders look exactly the same, even though they aren’t actually the same at all. Butterflies apparently can look different on each side of their wings so they can camouflage to hide from predators. The Sloth can actually move really fast but it saves its energy for when it needs it the most. Last of all, the Armadillo digs several holes in the ground to confuse their predator, so they do not know which one the Armadillo is actually inside of.

Finally, we ate our lunch and had a little time to play in the park and then for the last time we went back into the ‘Rainforest’ and filled in a sheet the teachers had prepared for us.

Overall, it was an OK day, but a bit boring at times, but quite educational indeed. Out of 10 I would give it an 8, only because I wouldn’t go there on a family day out, but certainly on a school trip, for other junior schools.

By Laken Smith

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