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Dear  diary,

On Thursday morning , we got on the coach at 9:10am and arrived at The living Rainforest at 10:15am. Soon after, we got shown around  in groups my group was me, Libby, Cerys, Ben, George ,Jamie and Harry I really liked the tour because I learnt some really interesting facts. Like the brighter the poison dart frog the deadlier and I also found out the black  magic plant is what we make waterproof clothing from.

Next , we went to lunch and when we had finished we got given clipboards to write all the facts we had learnt from the tour guide. I wrote about the curassow the tortoise the turtle and the armadillo I really enjoyed learning about the armadillo the tour guide said that they have great digging skills and have a really hard shell. The tour guide also said if the world ended a cockroach would be 1 of the only animals to survive!Before leaving, we headed back to the hall and the staff from The Living Rainforest said thank you for coming. Then we left at 2:30pm and took 1 million selfies with Jodi, Halle, Mia, Georgia and got back to school at 3:45pm. I had a great day with my friends I wish I could do it again.

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