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The Living Rainforest

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Dear diary

Thursday 12th November

It was early in the morning, coming into school as usual at 8:50 am. A buzz in the air for the trip ahead. Doing are handwriting whilst Mrs Arnold, are teacher did the register every one exited trying to imagine the rainforest in all its glory. We walked to the posh coach I sat at the front with Lucy. After a long one hour fifteen minute drive up to Newbury we stepped out of the couch into the fresh air.

We walked into the human impact area were there was another school but they were a bit younger than us. Next a nice lady did a talk about what we should and shouldn’t do. Since it wasn’t time for our tour yet we got some free time when we first stepped into the rainforest you didn’t realise how hot it was but after a while it really got to you.id never seen so many lush green leafs in my life, from cheese plants to picture plants the animals as well. It was now time for our tour which lasted fifty minutes. The lady told us lots about how picture plants don’t have roots and armadillos sleep two metres under the ground! We also saw stingray, toucans a sloth, giant genie pig and lots of other animals and insects.  It was now time for lunch in the impact area for lunch we sat outside in the fresh air I sat with flora, rose, Lucy and Chloe. I couldn’t wait to start eating I was starving.later that after noon we even got five minutes in although it was very over crouded.then we went back into the over powering heat of the rainforest with some sheets to have one last look and we were lucky enough to see the armadillo it went on its front pours it was so cute. We also saw one of the workers putting out the food for the birds we were hoping the birds wood come and eat some of it but they didn’t. After that we went to see the insects we saw a hissing cockroach, a scorpion, poison dart frogs and a bird eating spider which looked like a tarantula it was amazing. That’s when we saw the curassow a big black bird which always stays in the same place and on the top of its head it has some feathers on the top of its head which were yellow it was so funny. Now it was time to go home I didn’t want to go home. We went back out and it was much cooler. We washed are hand and it was time to get on our bag and line up for the coach. And the long tiring gurney back home. From Newbury to bishops Waltham when we got back it was about four o’clock and it was the end of an excited day.

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