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The Living Rainforest

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Dear Diary,

Today I went to The Living Rainforest in Newbury, it was breath taking!

After arriving at school, we quickly hurried onto the coach at 9:20am and set off for a journey. Finally after 1h10mins of traveling on the coach we arrived. By the time we arrived it was 10:30am. To maximize time, we went into a miniature room and divided into our groups. We scurried off into the greenhouse, where the Rainforest was located. After a while, we went back into the human impact building and joined the other groups before going on our tour.

A few minutes later we were guided around the rainforest, it was fascinating. We saw animals such as fish that were absolutely huge; monkeys that were only 15cm tall; a wide variety of birds, one of which being a colossal black bird like creature called a curassow; a sloth, that unlike most other animals, sleeps for 20hours at a time; two lizards that were playing in a tree; an armadillo that was really friendly; an agouti that was like a rat and a guinea pig along with hundreds of different bugs and creatures.

Finally we had lunch, and when we had finished we went round again in the rainforest and saw a poison dart frog, and the deadliest one can kill 20 human beings with just one drop. Minutes later, we got back on the bus at 2:30pm and travelled back to school. After a long ride back, we finally arrived at 3:45pm and went back home to relax.

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