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The Living Rainforest!

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Dear diary,

It took about 1hour 15minutes to get to the living rainforest on the coach. I was so exited! Finally ,we arrived. We got put into groups of 8,so when we were walking round it wasn’t really chaotic. I was in the brown group which was mrs Glaspools group.

Firstly, we walked in our groups to the main building which was called the human impact building. That was where a number of staff told us the rules of what we can and cant do. Afterthat,all the groups walked excitedly into the humid indoor forest. My group saw the cool chameleon first. Next ,we went into another section. On the right just as you go in was a monkey cage. Behind it was another cage with an armadillo in!

After we saw the armadillo,we had to have a tour.In the tour we saw lots of different animals such as a toucan,stingrays,piraners and even asloth!After the tour it was sadly time to leave.


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  1. The living Rainforest was so fun and the slof was so cool!I would really like to go agian !

      Mia — 30/09/2016 @ 14:08

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