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On Thursday the 12th November we went on a trip to the living rainforest. The journey took about an hour and a quarter but it was definitely worth it!

When we arrived, we got of the coach and went into our groups ready to go into the building. Once we were inside, we dumped all our bags down and shuffled into the rainforest. Wow! It was amazing! I could never have imagined it before I saw it. It was like a wonderful maze of brightly coloured plants and trees but there were also a couple of animals: a chameleon and a some tree frogs. After we had seen them, we quickly walked round the rest of the rainforest, ready to get back for our tour. This time everything was explained: how the plants need the sunlight from the emergent layer, how some plants grow on other plants, but then we went into the second rainforest! This rainforest was so much noisier because of all it had so much more animals and I even got to see a sloth! I was so happy! Once the tour was over, we had lunch and we got to go on the playground. After that we went back into the rainforest but this time we had clipboards. We went around the rainforest and wrote about the things we learnt. Unfortunately, we had to leave so we walked outside and got back on the bus.

When we arrived at school it was 3:45 and we were all talking about our trip! It was really fun, we learnt of facts and I would definitely recommend it!     

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