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My rainforest adventure

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Thursday 12th November 2015

Today was the best day of my life so far, it was amazing from the start. I was lucky to be in the same group as Zoe for the Living Rainforest trip!

After an hour and ten minute drive, we arrived at the the Living Rainforest but it didn’t look like much, just a couple of greenhouses. I first noticed the immense humidity and darkness of the forest floor as I walked around before our tour. Leaves dropped over the path, which was incredible and beautiful but ever so slightly annoying, and butterflies flew overhead .It was amazing! Sadly we had to leave that room because it was so busy that we couldn’t really move. Luckily, the second room was the animal room! We watched some very cute black monkeys, I was lucky enough to see one up close! So many leaves drooped over the path that I had to keep pushing them away. As we turned round the corner, I saw a majestic black bird perched on a branch, although it wasn’t black as its crest was bright yellow. I was amazed, it’s not every day you see a massive rainforest bird. We weren’t able to see the whole sloth, but we did manage to spot one of its claws. There was so much around me: terrapins basking on rocks; beautiful orchids; and small birds. After a long while, that seemed only a few minutes, we had to exit the rainforest. It felt so cold in the room outside it!

Next we went on the tour, although the pink group were on the same one as us. To start with, we went into the animal room, I had hoped it was to talk about something to do with the animals that roamed free around that area. Unfortunately, we first talked about drip tips, points on the end of the leaf that funnel water off. We also found out that holes in the leaves can act for the same purpose and they let light through as well. As we went towards the agouti enclosure I found out that they are the only animal or thing that is able to plant Brazil nut trees. Next we found that apparently, toucans use their beaks as a hot water bottle. But my favourite creature by far was the armadillo, who bury themselves under the ground up to ten meters deep! When we exited the rainforest, I couldn’t wait till after lunch when we might go around again.

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