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Watercress Line! SO MUCH FUN

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On Thursday 2nd October we went to the Watercress Line. It was so much fun! I saw so many things and it was quite cool … well kinda.  I saw my friends in their costumes and it was so funny! I was a cook and I wore my mum’s apron but i still didn’t look like a Victorian. There was a lady called Mrs Love and she told us so many facts it was hard to remember all of them. I was in a group with Evie, Kian, Freddie, Jess, Helena and Isaac and I think that’s it… if I forgot you I’m soooooooooo sorry. Our teacher for our group was Mrs Anning. We went on 3 Steam Trains and Evie got to speak in the speaker!! Ciara held a Red Flag and I wore the Driver’s Hat. We went on the Harry Potter bridge and it was EPIC. I think whoever played Harry Potter walked on that bridge or something. Shame it wasn’t a Doctor Who bridge for Mr Senior… I don’t think there even is a bridge in Doctor Who. Everything was super fun! I would definitely go there again!!! Next up is Liddington! We also saw this man who told us names of pieces which go into the train. Then we had to look at a Steam Train and find the parts that the Man gave us. When we went on the trains I heard some of my friends talk in the speaker. The 1st person I heard was Molly and then other people had a go. The view outside the window was beautiful and the weather was great. We also saw this man who was telling us facts about the parts of the steam train and then we went in groups to look at the steam train to see if you could find the parts the man told you to. Its was so fun! i spent most of the time walking with Evie and we were just talking about the cool things we saw! 🙂 We where also talking to Helena and Jess! i was so happy that the weather was good 🙂 i was worried that it was going to rain but thankfully it didnt. I started to get hot in my clothes but then it was starting to get a bit windy and everything started to feel better.

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