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The Watercress Line Trip

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Yesterday, the whole of Year 6 went to the Alresford Watercress line in Alresford. This Victorian railway track stretches through the middle of Hampshire. Soon after we arrived, we greeted our host / tour guide, Mrs Love. She told us all about the cuttings in the hill because the trains couldn’t possibly go up either down the hills in the countryside. Our group leader was Mrs Anning. In the group there was; Helena (me), Zahra, Evie, Freddie, Kian, Nathan, Isaac, and Jessica.

We were then taken down to the animal part, where they would load animals onto the train, and Mrs Love was telling us that in the war the steam trains were used to carry watercress and that is how the Alresford station got it’s nickname. At 11:00 o’clock we went on the steam train to Ropley, which was quite cool however kind of boring. On the steam train, I sat next to Jessica and before we left the station me, Jess, Evie and Zahra played  what we could see that might be from the victorian era.

I’m not sure whether or not it was Ropley or Alton but we went to like this train garage where the trains get mended. While we were there, the man told us some of the mechanical srews and bolts and after that we were given a card with one them and we had to find it. Sadly, our group had the hardest one to find.

This was mostly what happened when year 6 went to Alresford Watercress Line.


  1. so irritated that my brother gets to go and not me !

      Rose — 18/09/2015 @ 13:41

  2. look so fun i have been on lots of steam railways but the funs still there

      Zoe — 18/09/2015 @ 13:42

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