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It was 9ish when we got on the bus. It was the worst bus in world, it was filled with rubbish. I was sitting next to Nathan. He agreed with me. We arrived at 9:30. At first we went up this steep slop to get a better view of the trains. You could see some people starting up the engine. There was a big fire starting in the furnace room and smoke rising in to the air. Then whoosh, the rain started going at precisely 15 miles an hour (fast for Victorians). Then we walked to the other side of the train station to look over the bridge and then get on train. Again, I was sitting next to Nathan in second class. Second class was really nice. It had a table, 4 spots to sit in and 4 head rests, so comfy. It took  about 8 mins to get there. When we got there we got off and went to a bridge called the Harry Potter bridge which was actually filmed in the film. After that we split in to two groups.  My group set off to go to the place where the owner lived and worked (his life basically). It was 2 /1 floor. One half was 1 storey and the other half was 2 storeys high. The one storey high bit was where he mended the trains. He could look over that room when he wanted. On the second floor on the other side (the 2 storey side). On the first floor of the storey part was were he lived. His lounge was down there, his toilet room and his bedroom and kitchen. After that we went down to see to engines up close. He gave us a piece of paper with name of a part of  the train and we had to find it. Of course we had to have the hardest one but as we are amazing we found it (QUITE QUICK (lie).)

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