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School Trip To The Watercres Line

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On Thursday 2nd of October we went to the Watercress Line and learned all about the Victorian Railway and it was really fun! This is what happend…..

The coach jouney seemed like forever but I guess it was just because I was really exited! I was sat next to Jess on the coach and we were chatting away so I was just happy that whilst I was waiting I had someone entertaining me! We arrived at Alford at 9:15 and got gathered into our groups. My group was with Mrs Hope. First of all we went up a hill to take a better look at the steam train and loads of smoke puffed into our faces. Whilst we were up there Mrs Love told us how the farmers took 6 weeks to walk there sheep up to London so they made a train for animals and we saw the man start the steam train in the special animal train.

Then we walked on the platforms close to the trains and after a quick toilet break we went on our first trip on the steam train in 2nd class. We went to a little museum place and we build hills out of wood and we said where we would lay the train tracks. No one got it right and Mrs Love had to say the answer.

Then I got a trip in first class and we played loads of games together. At the station we got to look inside of the trains drivers cab and we learnt about the engines. Then we went to take a look at the bridges and after that we had lunch. Then we took a long trip back into 2nd class to the coach. We were really tired when we got back. But I still had a club to finish of the day. My favourite bit was riding in 1st class and seeing the inside of the drivers cab. The coal seemed like it went to the back of the train! It was a lot of coal and fire and it was very hot. apperantly, only once a driver caught on fire because of the coal and the fire!

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