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Friday 19th September 2014 – The Victorians

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We are now three weeks into our new year.  Our topic for this term is the Victorians, and we have already spent some time learning about some aspects of Victorian life.

Use the comment feature below to tell me what you have learned about the Victorian times so far, and what else you would like to learn.


  1. I have engoyed this topic unit! I have found every thing we’ve learnt,verry FUN and ITERESTING

      Megan — 19/09/2014 @ 13:27

  2. Hi everyone! I have learnt that thomas barnardo helped over 8500 children! 😀

      Alfie — 19/09/2014 @ 13:27

  3. I like that smilie face but why is it so BIG?

      Evie — 19/09/2014 @ 13:32

  4. I realy enjoy this topic although i’d like to learn more

      Megan — 19/09/2014 @ 13:28

  5. 🙂

      Alfie — 19/09/2014 @ 13:28

  6. I have really enjoyed this project so far but i really hate the idea of the workhouses because its horrible!!

      Evie — 19/09/2014 @ 13:28

  7. I have already enjoyed learning places like the Workhouse, the dangerous workhouse!:) I must have to say that I knew that it was feared by many poor victorians but it’s definately not what you think!!!

      Helena — 19/09/2014 @ 13:28

  8. I would recomend it as a topic to learn!!!

      Megan — 19/09/2014 @ 13:28

  9. I learnt so far that the workhouses are so cruel that when people are cleaning the machines they have to do it quick or they will be crushed when the machines are turn on . . . EVERYTHING IS SO CRUEL!

      Zahra — 19/09/2014 @ 13:29

  10. I agree!!

      Evie — 19/09/2014 @ 13:37

  11. I would like to learn about weathy victorians and more on servents in big households as well as more about life for poor children in the workhouse and in factories.

      Lucy K — 19/09/2014 @ 13:29

  12. I have learnt that adlts and other people came to the workhouses and not just children.
    I would like to learn about more famous inventors.

      Esme — 19/09/2014 @ 13:30

  13. I am so happy that this year our topic is the Victorians. So far my favourite lesson was where we went into further into the children at the workhouse and the mill and especially liked it when we wrote the diary enterance as a child from either the mill or the workhouse as i like to put a lot of detail in. I am looking forward to the railway trip!!!

      Helen — 19/09/2014 @ 13:30

  14. I learnt that Dr.Barnardo had a girls home with with over 1500 children in :-O

      Scott — 19/09/2014 @ 13:30

  15. I am really exited that this year our topic is Victorians. The best lesson so far has to be seeing what really happened inside the workhouse.

      Jessica — 19/09/2014 @ 13:31

  16. I’ve also learnt so far that work houses say they are nice but ive learnt they are horrible!! 🙂

      Evie — 19/09/2014 @ 13:31

  17. i know!!!!! I havent really seen any good facts … exeptd how Barnado helped loads of people which was very
    nice of him 😉

      Zahra — 19/09/2014 @ 13:34

  18. Hello Mr Senior. I learnt that things were more modern than I would’ve thought like the machines, trains and even huge bridges!

    I would like to know how steam was first used as an energy to power electronic things.

    * *

    Victorians is an interesting topic!

      Shaun — 19/09/2014 @ 13:31

  19. In our history lessons we have been learning about the victorians. Last time in our history lessons we were learning about life in the workhouse.

      Orla — 19/09/2014 @ 13:31

  20. this is a great subject

      Thomas — 19/09/2014 @ 13:32

  21. I learnet that doctor Barndo helped loads of poor children and learn more about Jim Jarvis.

      Joseph — 19/09/2014 @ 13:33

  22. I have learned about poor children and the work house. I would like to learn about rich children. Me and Izzie have really enjoyed this subject.
    I am really exited aboutthe water cress line!

      Bethany — 19/09/2014 @ 13:34

  23. Hello Mr.Senior! I learnt that the workhouses could get you killed!!!

    D D

      Nathan — 19/09/2014 @ 13:35

  24. I think it is an intresting subject.

      Rory — 19/09/2014 @ 13:38

  25. Fun subject 🙂

      Oliver — 19/09/2014 @ 13:38

  26. this subject is fun and good learn about. I hate the part were you hear like lots and lots of children die 🙁

      Benjamin — 19/09/2014 @ 13:38

  27. I learned all about the poor people working in the workhouse and queen victorias reign.

      Kian — 19/09/2014 @ 13:38

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