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Year 5’s River Trip to Lymington (New Forest)

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Yesterday Year 5 went to Lymington in the New Forest to learn about its river. Firstly, 3/4 of year 5 went onto the coach and 1/4 of us (including me) went on the mini bus which was really quite fun. It took us about an hour to get there as the coach driver on the other coach didn’t know where he was going and got lost. Though our driver DID know where he was going. Eventually we got there. The car park we were in had fields around it full of wild horses. I really really tempted to stroke them!!!

Then we started to travel down to the river Lymington’s source. It was all boggy there, a bit like marshland around it, and some of my friends lost their wellies because of it!  I was in Mrs O’Farrell’s group with my BFF Victoria.  We measured the width, depth and the speed of flow (with doggy biscuits) of the river. They were all pretty suprising results.

Next we travelled down to the middle course where Puttles Bridge was. There, we did the same as last time, measuring the width, depth and the speed of the flow. This part of the river meandered. Fourtunately the river’s bed was made of pebbles and stones so we didn’t lose our wellies! My group had a real splash around! Before we did all of that though, we went up on top of the bridge where the teachers and adults labelled the parts of the river with laminated paper with the word for example: River bank.

Then we went back to the mini bus to drive to the mouth of the river where we were going to have our lunch. It was a really nice area where we had it. It was in a greeny area with a moat in the middle with water in. When we finished we all got a sheet saying that we needed to try and get evidence that we were at the mouth of the river beginning with each letter of the alphebet. I nearly got all of them! Finally it was over.  We headed back to the mini bus to go back to school. But the only thing was that the coach driver still didn’t know where to go!!!

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