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How a Sweet Dispensing Machine Works

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Sweet dispensing machines enable sweet eaters to eat sweets at regular intervals. As you can imagine sweet eaters would love to have this as this machine dispenses sweets. A perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth.

Initially, the user needs to push a suitable sized bowl against the lever, the preferred size approximately four inches in diameter. This causes the lever to push up on the bar attached to it.

When this happens, the internal bar is pushed up on another bar which is attached to a further bar, connected to the opening flap where the sweets will fall from.

Consequently, as the user pushes the bowl against the dispenser, this releases the flap and allows the sweets to drop through into the bowl.

With some minor alterations this mechanism can be used for things like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and miniature chocolates and wide variety of treats and drinks.

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