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How a Jelly Bean Machine works

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Jelly bean machines enable users to have instant access to jelly beans if they desire some at any time of the day or night. In addition to this, the user will not have to waste their money on them at shops unecessarily. As you can imagine, this is very helpful.

Initially, the user needs to place a paper bag or a bowl on the platform. Due to the weight of the bag, the metal spring underneath is pushed down and onto the sea-saw mechinism which is soon tilted down on the left hand side.

Consequently, the bar is lifted on the opposite side. As the bar is lifted, it rings a golden bell up above which gives a signal to someone to turn the handle. This causes the convaerbelt to start moving.

In the conveyor belt’s journey, it goes through the jelly bean resevoir picking up beans on it’s way through. Eventually the conveyor belt will come out of the resevoir and arrive at the dip down to the bag. Furthermore, when it is full the bag is to be taken off the platform which stops the bell from ringing. This also causes the person turning the handle to stop.

Although the machine works by itself, the user is still required to refill the jelly bean resevoir at regular intervals. With minor alterations this machine could also be used for other sweets such as haribos and fudge.

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