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Cedar Class’s Paper Mache for our Rivers Project

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Cedar class on Wednesday started to create a 3D model of the Lymington river that we went to see a few weeks ago. As you might imagine this was a very messy job! Initally, a little group of 7 went out to make boats/feries for the river. I was one of them and it was so much fun! I called one of my ferries ‘THE AMY FERRY.’ We all made the boats out of very soft wood and tryed some techniques of slanting the wood so the boats looked more realistic. The ferries were made of the same wood but we had about three layers of it. Each layer got smaller as it reached the top. Meanwhile the much bigger group were making the surface out of paper mache around the river. Tamerind were making trees next door. The group doing the paper mache all got a go (if they wanted to) to do the boat making. That meant all the people making boats got a go to do the modeling of the river and surface. In Cedar where all the modeling took place it looked as if the pupil’s hands were sheep! They were all cover in the liquid where we dipped the newspaper into! We made the liquid out of flour, water and a pinch of salt. It took us about a couple of hours to finish it all. That includes boat making, paper mache and tree making in Tamerind. Overall it was a great afternoon of geography! -Thank you Mrs Milne! 🙂


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