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The living Rainforest

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On the 12th October 2017 year 6 went to the Living Rainforest in Berkshire to learn about Rainforests. When we got there we got put in groups of eight or nine and went off to look around with our leader. Mine was Mrs Ridgett (Ellie’s mum). First we went to the plant room and saw some poisonous plants and blue dart frogs. after lunch we had a tour and saw the armadillo Harry, and Cinnamon the sloth.

It was an amazing day

The Living Rainforest !!!

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On the 12/10/17, Cedar went to the Living Rainforest. We saw a variety of animals including sloth, carpet python, water dragon, armadillo and poison dart frog. My favourite animal was the armadillo because it was small and cute. The poison dart frogs were really small but could jump really high.  They had black spots on their back and most of their body was blue. Did you know that armadillos curl up in balls to protect themselves from predators? The trip was amazing .    

the living rainforest 2017

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The living rainforest was an amazing experience and we saw many different animals such as sloths, scorpions, the goliath bird eating spider, sting rays, massive leaves, water dragons, turtles and armadillos. There was a nice play park that we could play in after lunch. Afterwards, we had a tour guide to explain what every thing was, and their names like Cinnamon the sloth, Harry the armadillo and Marge the toucan.    


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On the 12 of October 2017, Harvey’s birthday, we went to the Living Rainforest at Newbury. The trip there was about 1 hour and a half. Then we arrived and got told what do and the times for our tour. We all went in the rainforest with our group leader and looked around first. We saw the sloth, Cinammon.  He was up high above the spider cadge. We were amazed to find him but he is not very active and will only move about once a week for the toilet. We also went to see a lot more of animals and plants.

The living rainforest

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On October the 12th 2o17, Year 6 and I went to the living rainforest for a day instead of school work. At the living rainforest, we saw a sloth called Cinammon.

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