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Tuesday 14th February 2017 – Liddington, Day Two

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Day 2 was a cloudier and colder day than the one that came before it, but that wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits.  Fuelled by our first cooked breakfast of the week, we enjoyed a day of activities including Survivor, the Crate Challenge, the Giant Swing, the Challenge Course, the Trapeze and the Zip Wire.  The day ended with the Robot Wars competition, each team constructing their own giant robot from recycled material.

Last night, we managed to settle well to a night of – almost – completely undisturbed sleep.  Let’s hope tonight is just as good: there are certainly lots of tired faces among the children. And among the staff, if we’re honest!


The Living Rainforest – A step to Wonderland

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The first trip of the year. One of the best trips of the year.

We saw an amazing sloth called Cinnamon, who is great at hiding, an armidillo called Harry, who was very hairy and a lizard called Goerge, we couldn’t spot him at first. We even saw a Salmon-pink bird-eating tarantula. It doesn’t eat birds though, it eats large insects.

By Fern.

Living Rainforest- A Great Experience

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On the 28th of September Year 6 Went to the incredible Living Rainforest. The coach trip took about 1 hour and 15 minutes so it was longer than usual, but we chatted lots. When we finally got there, we saw lots of very interesting things, such as the Pygmy Marmoset and the Swiss cheese plant; however, I think the highlight has got to be the sloth, a classic favourite. I learnt  an awful lot about rainforests, and it was a great trip out. I envy the children going next year, as it was so much fun, and they are so lucky. It was a wonderful experience!

The living rainforest!

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It was a long journey on the coach (1 hour.) Although there was the long coach journey it was all worth it.

The living rainforest was great fun and showed me some amazing animals which I haven’t seen before for example: sloth, armadillo, and toucan. I also know that not one of next years year 6’s won’t enjoy it.


The Living Rainforest!

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It was a long journey on the coach (1 hour) but it was worth it. We arrived at the destination… The living rainforest! We first were put into our groups then we were allowed to explore. We saw some amazing animals like a sloth, an armadillo, a toucan, a bird eating tarantula and lots of different species of monkeys. After exploring the place we went on a tour with a tour guide. We learnt a lot of things on the tour like the inside side of a banana peel can heal bites! After our tour it was lunch. Once everyone ate we got to play in the play area. It was really fun. Finally we did a work sheet and went back to school (we arrived half an hour late!)





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